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Reflections promises to reflect both your inner and outer beauty

Have a special event coming up? Looking to treat yourself? Reflections Hair & Facial Studio is the place for you. As a full service hair salon, Reflections offers numerous hair styles, facials, pedicure & manicures, and even lash & brow tints. Paired with excellent customer service, the family oriented ambience in the salon will make you feel right at home. The extensive experience and knowledge of hair care will make your hair growth journey more successful than you could ever think. Reflections promises to reflect both your inner and outer beauty.

$40 Press & Curl Special $55 Press, Curl & Cellophane Special Get it while you can!

Valid from 8/10/16 to 9/10/16.

Reflections Hair & Facial Studio can cater to your needs

We are a hair & facial studio that believes in offering our clients fast and courteous customer service. If you want to know where you can find a great press& curl and facial, then you should visit Reflections Hair & Facial Studio. We are a highly professional company and look forward to reflecting your inner and outer beauty.