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It's no secret that Reflections Hair & Facial Studio has been family-owned and operated since the very beginning. We started our company in 1999 with a simple mission: to be the best in customer service and quality to fulfill all of our clients' needs. Since then, we've grown fast, but we still have a commitment and a strong relationship to our clients. Our clients all agree: we offer the very best services around, with the personal touch you've come to expect from us.

A business built for you

We care about our customers - and yes, that's something you hear a lot, from businesses that don't really take it to heart. But it's a commitment that has generated a healthy reputation for our family. We want to make sure you get the personalized care you come to expect from a small business.

Like nowhere else in Los Angeles, CA

For us it's about community; the community of Los Angeles, CA, that looks to our business for the highest quality services around. It's important to us that you're happy with what we offer, and that you pass on your happiness to others in the area. Look to our family for the personalized experience you deserve.